Racy Pic of Jennette McCurdy Leaks

Mar 6, 2014 at 10:01 am |


Jennette McCurdy Racy Pic Leaked

Credit: Imgur

Jennette McCurdy, the former iCarly star, is finding herself in the news a lot lately.  Just this past week she made headlines for telling everyone that her ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond, wasn’t a good kisser.  Honestly, she may have exaggerated because they didn’t date long enough for him to practice his kissing skills on her…their romance only lasted for a week.

Jennette McCurdy Racy Pic Leaked

Credit: Imgur

But, w-a-a-i-i-t.  Now she’s making headlines for a racy pic that was leaked on the Internet, and guess who she’s blaming?  That’s right.  She says it had to be Drummond because he’s the only person who she had sent the pic to.  Really, Jennette?  You were sending him pics during your first week of dating?  Dang girl, you sure to round those bases quickly, uh?

Sure hope the leakage of this pic doesn’t have any negative impact on Jennette’s current gig with Nickelodeon playing Sam on the highly watched Sam and Cat show.  Now that we think about it, both her and Ariana Grande, the actress who plays Cat, have found their selves in the news a lot lately.  Remember just a few weeks ago when Ariana made headlines for supposedly doing cocaine?


These two girls need to keep their names out of the headlines or they’re going to find their selves without a job.  If they want to stay in the spotlight, they at least need to be in lime light for something good.  After all, we know they’re both really good girls.  In fact, let’s take quick look at a few all-good facts you probably didn’t know about Jennette McCurdy:

  • She has three dogs as well as two turtles
  • Harrison Ford inspired her to become an actress
  • Her first onscreen kiss was with Paul Butcher
  • Of all her possessions, her most prized is figure skates
  • She has a fear of the ocean
  • Even though she keeps herself surrounded with dogs and turtles, her favorite are polar bears
  • She likes playing board games
  • One of her first appearances on TV was in a commercial for a dentist

See, we told you she ain’t all that bad.  She’s a really down to earth girl who gave her body heart away during the first week of dating.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, and after dissing him to the public, he obviously found a way to turn things back around on her.

She’s been making headlines a lot lately, and now it’s for a racy pic. Jennette McCurdy needs to step back out of the spotlight because things aren’t looking up for her right now.