Rob Lowe Turns 50

Mar 17, 2014 at 4:39 pm |

Rob Lowe Turns 50


Man, how time flies.  It seems like just yesterday were watching the good-looking Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreations.  Remember when he played in The West Wing and The Outsiders too?  Well, that was years ago.  Today Lowe turns 50.  He recently told People that “the candles on the cake mean absolutely nothing” to him.  “It truly is about how you lead your life and not how much life led you.”

Wow!  Lowe definitely has some great words of advice doesn’t he?  Next month (April), we can expect to see his new memoir hit the shelves, Love Life.  We expect nothing less of it being one of the best memoirs we’ve ever read, especially being that his first book was so compelling.

In his new book, Lowe even gives us some inside views on his thoughts about Madonna when he was younger.  He makes it quite clear that he was interested in sleeping with her.  Go Rob!

Let’s take a quick look at some other fun facts about Rob Lowe, including some of his ups and downs.

  • At the young tender age of only 10, Lowe was confident in his ability to become an actor that he visited Liza Minnelli in her hotel room and told her that he wanted to pursue his dreams of becoming a Hollywood star.
  • You probably didn’t know that as an infant, Lowe suffered from a virus and it caused him to be deaf in his right ear.
  • If Rob hadn’t become an actor, his dream was to become a marine biologist.
  • After the scandal that took place in 1988 in which Rob did a sex tape with a girl who was only 16, he found it somewhat hard to land an acting gig.  But Mike Meyers came to the rescue for Lowe’s acting career.
  • Lowe claims that he dyes his hair and always has because at the young age of 24, he was fully gray headed.
  • Lowe helped the Lifetime miniseries Beach Girls receive the highest ratings for a movie premiere on the network.  And while this is quite an accomplishment, we expect nothing less from Lowe–he’s always been such a great actor.
  • He’s an all around great guy.  In 2000, he became the “first male spokesperson for the Lee National Denim Day fundraiser.”  This fundraiser helped raise millions for breast cancer research.

Happy 50th Birthday Rob!! We hope it’s the best one yet.

Rob Lowe has definitely had a few ups and downs, but overall he’s very successful and today he celebrates his 50th birthday.