Robert Downey Jr. Hand Delivers ‘Iron Man’ Prosthetic to 7-Year-Old Boy

Mar 13, 2015 at 1:38 pm |

Superheroes are way cooler when their heroism translates into real life – and right now we couldn’t want to hug Iron Man more.

Robert Downey Jr. made 7-year-old Alex’s year, when he hand-delivered a very special custom-made gift for the dapper looking boy, who was born with a partially developed right arm. The prosthetic, created by non-profit company Limbitless Solutions, demonstrates the power and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing technology – but more than that, it’s pretty darn cool looking. At only $350 (minus the cost of the Arc Reactor!) Alex will be the only real superhero on the block. Normally a prosthetic of this kind would cost upwards of $40,000, but with 3D printing dreams are being made into reality at an affordable price.

The delivery looks like a scene out of a spy movie, and Alex is clearly determined to look as cool as a cucumber in front of “Robert”. After the two pull out their respective prosthetics, they even begin comparing their new ‘guns’ before holding hands for a moment.

Limbitless Solutions is run out of the University of Central Florida by a gentleman named Albert Manero, the story’s behind-the-scenes superhero. The company, along with its volunteers, specialize in using 3D printing technology to create cost-effective, electronic prosthetics – and then they give them away for free. “We were all bound to the belief that no one should profit from a child in need of an arm,” says Manero.

Manero and Limbitless Solutions are featured in The Collective Project, Microsoft’s brainchild with the goal of “harnessing the power of the many to bring great ideas to life.”

You can donate to Limbitless Solutions here.

You’ll want to give Iron Man a two-armed bear hug after watching this video…