Robin Thicke Recovering Nicely from Separation after Spending Birthday with Leonardo DiCaprio

Mar 13, 2014 at 12:11 pm |

It’s been an up and down past few months for Robin Thicke.  One moment he’s basking in the lime light for his long-to-be-remembered VMA performance with Miley Cyrus and the next he’s getting news that his wife, Paula Patton, wants to separate from him.  To try and reconcile the relationship, he’s reportedly been begging her to come back to him during his concerts.  Well, ain’t that the sweetest thing you ever heard?  Yeah right!  Everyone is pretty much over him and his wife separating because no one can blame her for wanting to leave after all the stuff he’s pulled.

Robin Thicke Leonardo DiCpario


First of all, he let Miley twerk all over him and then he has a fling with a blonde.  So, what’s it going to be?  Is Paula going to forgive him.  It does seem that she’s forgiven him enough to at least be seen in public with him.  The duo got together the other day with their three-year old son in Vancouver, Canada.

Since, however, they haven’t been seen together anymore.  Thicke, though, has.  Just this past Monday (March 10), he was seen out in West Hollywood partying it up with a group of friends for his birthday.  And this wasn’t just any group of friends.  It included the all-famous Leonardo DiCaprio (we hope DiCaprio pulled out some of these dance moves)

Did things get wild?  We’re not for sure, but we do know there was plenty of drinking going on.  Thicke had Amstel Lights as well as a few shots of tequila.  He appeared that he had a good time because he didn’t leave the club until early morning.

Thicke recently said “One thing I learned is that when you find that special person, when you find that special someone, you’ve got to do whatever it takes, you know, and never give up.”  Perhaps he should have remembered this when Miley was twerking on him.  But then again, Paula has done just the same by being in movies with men where she gets naked.  Maybe the Hollywood life is too much for the pair.

All we know is it must be hard on Thicke separating from his wife or he wouldn’t be begging her to come back, but then again, things seem to be looking up for him because he was supposedly all smiles when leaving the club this past Monday after celebrating his birthday with Leo.

Robin Thicke has been acting quite sad since his wife separated from him over two weeks ago, but this past Monday he was all smiles when celebrating his birthday with Leonardo DiCaprio.