20 Saddest Christmas Songs Ever

Dec 15, 2014 at 11:02 am |

There’s something about the happiest time of year that brings on an inner sadness for people that aren’t riding the giant wave of jingle bells and ho-ho’s through the month of December. In the time when you’re compelled to be thankful for everything you have, you’re also forced to take stock of the things you don’t.

To commemorate the emotional roller coaster that is this holiday season, here is a list of the saddest Christmas songs ever.

So chug that eggnog and deck the halls with your holiday tears…

20. The River – Joni Mitchell

From one of the most raw folk albums ever produced, Joni Mitchell’s Blue, this song isn’t necessarily a Christmas song as much as a song about love lost during the holidays and the desire to just “skate away” from it all.

Stuff your face with pie and chug that eggnog. You’ll need it after hearing these holiday hits…