Scotland Will Remain in the UK, 55% Vote to Stay

Sep 19, 2014 at 12:59 pm |

Scots want to vote yes and no to secede the UK

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The people have spoken and the United Kingdom will remain United.

In the most exciting election that the world has seen since the election and re-election of President Obama, Scots vote to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom with 55% of the votes.

The Scottish Independence Referendum, 2014, a vote to determine if Scotland would secede from the UK and become an independent country, was passed in the Scottish Parliament in November 2013 and has been drawing a lot of attention since. The other three countries in the UK (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) did not want to see Scotland leave. Scotland has been in the UK for 307 years.

Beginning September 2, 2014, citizens of Scotland 16 years and older were able to register to cast a vote on the ballot. In the nation of nearly 5.3 million people, an overwhelming 85% of the 4.2 million registered voters turned out to vote yes or no.

No voters hold signs at a No rally in Scotland regarding the vote

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The Prime Minister, David Cameron, played a huge role in the vote. Cameron encouraged Scots to vote ‘no’ on whether or not to secede from the UK. If Scotland had voted to leave the UK, Cameron warned that Scotland would be less secure and defenseless.

The United Kingdom has a substantially large part of its territory in Scotland, with oil reserves and a nuclear arsenal base. Scotland leaving also would impact the influence the UK might have in NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations.

In order to keep Scotland in the UK, Cameron promised more power to the Scots including new control over tax, spending and welfare.

The only thing Scotland is really lacking is the ability to say the country has it’s independence.

Supporters of a truly independent Scotland argue that the country would be better off based on its taking control of revenues from North Sea oil and gas found in Scottish waters, sole management of the energy industry, investment boosting production, and creating a wealth fund.

Whether the country is better off being independent or ‘united,’ the people have spoken. Democracy was the real winner.

With an 85% registered voter turnout, Scotland will remain in the United Kingdom. Find out why Scots wanted to leave in the first place!