Scrapped 90’s Superman Movie Starring Nicolas Cage Documentary Needs Your Help

Jul 25, 2014 at 10:48 am |


A trailer for a documentary about the doomed Superman Lives movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Nicolas Cage has just been released and it looks pretty freakin’ great.

This piece of the wildly successful  franchise unfortunately never got to see the light of day however, FORTUNATELY Producer/Director John Schnepp is hell bent on letting us see the ins and out of what went wrong behind the scenes. The trailer gives a fascinating glimpse into the production of the film with Nicolas Cage’s camera tests, interviews with Tim Burton and writer Kevin Smith, along with awesome shots of the incredibly ambitious Superman Suit.

Often times, franchise films like this are shelved and never see the light of day due to lack of funding or too my cooks in the kitchen. In the trailer Kevin Smith gives us some dirt on his frustrating experience working on such a project and Tim Burton discusses his avant-garde interpretation of this particular chapter of the Superman story.

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So when can you see this awesome documentary you ask? Good question. The feature is in its second crowdfunding effort in hopes of raising the mula needed to finish the film. Click HERE if you want to be a part of this film getting made!

Tim Burton’s scrapped Superman Lives documentary gets a trailer. Click here if you would like to see Nicolas Cage as Batman from the 90’s!