Seattle’s Canine Commuter Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Jan 13, 2015 at 2:46 pm |

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If you commute at rush hour every day, you’re probably well aware that it’s a dog eat dog world. But for Eclipse, the Black Lab/ Bullmastiff mix, commuting is the most exciting part of the day.

After a local radio show host saw Eclipse not only ride the bus by herself but get off at the dog park as well, he knew he had discovered a newsworthy story.

According to local commuters, Eclipse is a very independent and pleasant travel companion. She often roams the aisles, licks the bars, and hops up next to strangers, always looking for the best window seat.

Her owner said she first learned the bus route to the dog park when they used to commute together. If he ever missed the bus for a cigarette break though, Eclipse would hop on anyway and meet him at the park.

Although Seattle’s Department of Transportation’s website states that “All dogs that are not service animals must be on leash” and “Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats; they must remain either on the floor or sit on their owners lap,” it would seem that friendly drivers have made an exception for Eclipse.

We have to wonder, however, if she is riding the bus without her owner, who pays her fare? And if she gets on no charge, how much money is she costing the city annually in free rides? Now there’s some (dog) food for thought.

And yet it’s still not the wackiest thing you’ve probably seen on your commute… Watch the video here!