Seth Rogen Grows Up…And Not Just In The Movie “Neighbors”

Mar 13, 2014 at 7:33 am |

Seth Rogen Neighbors 
Seth Rogen is one of the funniest men out there and that’s evident in the movies that he does. He commonly portrays the pot head friend that isn’t bound to be much of anything. He’s a kid – or at least he used to be.In the new movie ‘Neighbors’, Seth appears to be all grown up. He becomes the person he hated. He is now a married man who has a frat house next to him and he is the “get off my lawn” guy.

The movie features him and his wife in an all-out war with the frat house and their crazy parties that the couple would have loved to go to 10 years ago. The fraternity president is played by Efron, who maintains the laughs along with lines that only Rogen can delivery. There is even a mishap with a breast pump to bring in the laughs.

Zac Efron Seth Rogen Neighbors

Rogen is at an age where he’s starting to grow up and he finds it to be kind of a “bummer” as he is commonly quoted as saying.

The movie choices that he’s making isn’t the only demonstration that he’s starting to grow up. After being married to his wife, whose mother has Alzheimer’s, he decided to take a stand. He has been talking about Alzheimer’s to everyone who listens.Seth makes a plea to Congress in order to gain additional funding for the Alzheimer’s research.

The entire plea was captured on C-Span. While Rogen uses his standard comedy, he does make a point. Using his social media-savvy skills, he also calls out the senators that failed to show up as well as the ones that left before he was done. One senator even responds with a “good job” and Rogen doesn’t stop, asking him why he wasn’t accounted for.

It’s obvious that Rogen is still the funny guy, despite being married and getting a little older. He’s growing up on the sets of his movies and in the things that he stands behind as a person and as a man. He has used his fame for good and it is paying off for him.

He’s not the only guy in Hollywood that has decided to take more serious roles, despite having a reputation for being the funny guy. Some of the other actors that he has seen make the transition include Paul Rudd, James Franco and Jonah Hill – all are whom of are close friends of Seth and has helped make the transition a little easier to swallow.



Seth Rogen has proven that he is capable of being an adult and the proof is in new movie “Neighbors” as well as C-Span speech regarding Alzheimers.