She Thought He Needed a Muzzle to Meet the New Kitten, But Then…

Aug 31, 2015 at 3:01 pm |

White Shepherd Makes an Unlikely Friend

Alto’s about to turn one year old so we took him to the mountains to celebrate him turning into 38kg of pure dribble and love. <3

Posted by Alto on Friday, May 15, 2015

Meet Alto, he’s a White Swiss Shepherd with a handsome face and a big heart, but the breed is known for having tons of energy and needing a lot of mental and physical stimulation. To keep him active, his owner, Basia, who he lives with in Poland, participates in canicross races with him, which are like off-road cross country races for humans and their canine friends.

You could say that Alto is a bit of an athlete.


Source: The Dodo/Basia

Alto’s story got a little more interesting not too long ago. “Two weeks ago the whole family was woken up by loud meowing at 5 a.m. on Sunday. That’s how Apache came into our lives,” Basia told The Dodo. Alto came into Basia’s house and was raised by two older cats that were already part of the family, so he knows how to interact well.

White Shepherd in cage with kitten

Source: The Dodo/Basia

But after seeing Alto chase squirrels through the yard, Basia wasn’t sure how he’d handle a tiny kitten in the house. “We started slow, with Alto in a cage when the kitty roamed free around the room,” Basia said. After a few days, when Alto proved that he was calm enough for the challenge, Basia let him out of the cage with a muzzle so he could interact with Apache.

white shepherd and kitten

Source: The Dodo/Basia

“He was absolutely thrilled to be able to sniff her and get close to her,” said Basia. Alto had proved himself to Basia, so the time had come to take off his muzzle and see how things went. Basia caught the moment on camera, and its probably the most precious thing you’ll see this week.

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