Sick of Ice Bucket Challenges? This is the Last One You Need to Watch

Aug 21, 2014 at 11:08 am |

Ok, let’s all admit it–we’re all a little sick of watching everyone we know giggle like a five year-old and throw (or drop) buckets of ice water over their heads in the name of a cause that was relatively obscure to many people less than two weeks ago. It’s wonderful, but it has now seemingly devolved into just another meme: #icebucketfails or #sexiesticebucketchallenges. However, watching this last video will crack your icy cynicism and remind you that for some people this isn’t a viral video contest, but a brief moment in the sun–and regardless of how annoying your Facebook feed is in the morning, this trend is having a huge effect in promoting the fight against a devastating disease. On Tuesday the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped to raise $8.6 MILLION DOLLARS–IN ONE DAY! This is a moment in which we should really recognize the power social media sharing can lend us and the ability it gives us to come together with unfathomable strengths in order to do good. So let this be the last ice bucket challenge video you really pay attention to, and the period at the end of the hashtag. These are the kind of people and situations that we are empowered to help with every day. And just like Anthony Carbajal says in his very real challenge video,“I promise your news feed will go back to cat videos and Let It Go covers, but right now the ALS community has the main spotlight.”

If you’re feeling cynical about the slew of Ice Bucket Challenges streaming across your ticker we understand, but here’s why you shouldn’t…