Silicon Alley Reality–CLiCK iT: Webisode 2

Oct 14, 2014 at 1:30 pm |


Interested in the inner workings of the high-octane world of digital media? Want to become (very) intimately acquainted with the parent company of the people producing your one-stop pop culture at PressroomVIP?

Check out the real lives of the “CPXians,” the hard working employees at CPXi that are helping to shape the ever-changing world of the digital advertising industry in this spoofy series that gives a light-hearted look at Silicon Alley Reality.

Missed episode one, and now you’re terrified you’ll be confused by our ever-changing plot points? Don’t worry, you can still check out CLiCK iT: Webisode 1 here.

In Webisode 2 the team is still getting accustomed to having reality cameras in their faces while they scramble to find an “edge” for the company to bring to an upcoming trade show. Will they bring macadamia nut cookies? Will they bring babes? Or maybe Mike’s super-cool new CPXi theme song written by hip-hopper Saigon will carry the company to the next level! CLiCK iT to find out…

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Check back next week for CLiCK iT: Webisode 3!

Check out what’s happening in the world of Silicon Alley Reality in this spoofy series, CLiCK iT! No, seriously, click it…