Sleepy Kitty Struggles to Stay Awake

Aug 10, 2015 at 3:28 pm |

Adorable Cat Loses Fight Against Sleep

It must be really exhausting to be a kitten. I mean, think of all the responsibilities that are thrust onto the shoulders of our young household felines these days. They have to look cute all day, play, receive attention, keep their fur clean, avoid the dog. So can you really blame the kitten in this video for not being able to keep her eyes open?

This cutie is seen drooping over the leg of a chair, and it seems like gravity is just getting harder and harder to fight. The eyelids droop slowly until she has that moment of falling sensation. Ultimately, though, it looks like sleep wins out. Sleep 1 – Kitten 0.

Hopefully this video isn’t going to make you sleepy on this Monday afternoon, but you’ve gotta take a chance and watch it.¬†SHARE¬†it with your kitten-crazy friends!

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I’m feeling a lot like this kitten today, but way less adorable.