Someone Give This Dog an Oscar Now!

Jul 15, 2014 at 6:22 am |

De Niro and Pachino. Redford and Neuman. Affleck and Damon. Alone these actors are great; together they elevate each other to join the celestial acting gods in a world us mortals are incapable of comprehending.

Or that’s at least what it used to be before Hollywood’s newest power duo burst onto the scene to claim the position of top dogs.

John Esquivel and his dog Tommy are the acting pair in question. And if their reenactment of a cliche war movie death scene doesn’t move you to tears, then I feel for your mama because her little baby is dead inside!

What I want to know is who puts on the better performance? Mr. Esquivel or Tommy for tolerating all this.

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If this reenactment of a death scene doesn’t move you to tears then just give up, because you’re dead inside.