Taylor Swift Cuts Off Selena After Getting Back Together With Justin

Mar 14, 2014 at 8:15 am |

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift at 2013 VMAs

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTV

Doesn’t the concept of having a best friend mean that this friend will stick by your side no matter what?  After all, if a best friend can at any time just up and leave you as if you were never a friend at all, what’s the point is BFFs?  All we know is that Taylor Swift is showing her true colors in relation to what we thought was her best friend Selena.

Haven’t we all had that one friend who keeps going back to her ex even though we know any other guy would be so much better?  Well, if Taylor Swift is your boyfriend and she doesn’t approve, that’s all folks.  She’s done with you.  No more BFF status.

And thankfully, Selena doesn’t care.  Who would want a friend like that anyway?  While Taylor’s inability to like Justin is perfectly fine (we are all entitled to our own opinions), it certainly doesn’t give Taylor the “get out of jail” free card in relation to her bailing on Selena, especially during such a sensitive time in Selena’s life.  Remember just a few weeks ago when Selena went to rehab?

Not only is Taylor “distancing” herself from her used to be BFF, but she’s also started running her mouth about her.  Good one Taylor?  Who do you think you are?  We have plenty to say about you, like the bazillion guys you’ve dated over the past few years.  At least Selena doesn’t focus her time on as many guys as you do!

All of this Justin and Selena and crap is getting old, we do admit that.  But it’s their business, and it’s their love life.  Not Taylor’s!  The last thing Selena needs in her life right now is a BFF walking out on her, but then again, from the sound of it, it makes perfect sense that Selena will be far better off without Taylor in her life.

We have a feeling Taylor hasn’t fully matured from a “high school girl” into a “young woman” yet.  The way that she’s been acting lately certainly gives the impression that she’s all about herself, and she’s all about the drama.

Taylor Swift doesn’t approve of her BFF’s decision to rekindle things with Justin Bieber, and she shows it off by cutting Selena off.