Taylor Swift Donates $15,000 to Firefighter Who Saved His Own Family

Jun 12, 2015 at 3:46 pm |

When Taylor Swift Heard This Firefighter’s Story She Came to the Rescue

Tay-Tay has long been known as one of the entertainment industry’s most philanthropic celebs, so when the 1989 mega-celebrity heard that a Texas firefighter who saved the lives of his own family members after a car accident needed a helping hand, Taylor Swift jumped to the rescue.

Volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Riper responded last Saturday to a call to a severe head-on collision, but when he arrived on the scene in a nightmarish scenario he realized that the victims of the accident included his wife Amber and their 7-year-old son Jonathan (affectionally called Bear).

“It’s my family. My wife was laying there on the ground. (By) the look of the car, I don’t know how either one of them lived. There was nothing left of that car,” Van Riper, Assistant Chief for the Thomas Lake Fire Department, told KRTK News.

Both of his family members have suffered from a number of fractures, and fortunately Riper’s son has been released from the hospital. However, Aaron’s wife Amber ended up requiring a 9-hour surgery on her pelvis to fix a blood clot.

As medical costs began racking up, it was clear that the family – who does not have any medical insurance even though mom Amber works full time – would need some support. A friend of the family quickly set up a GoFundMe campaign to start fundraising for their medical costs, and whose name should magically appear on the list of donors next to the hefty sum of 15 thousand dollars? Non other than T-Swift.

I awoke this morning to see this. ..THE TAYLOR SWIFT contributed $15,000 to my dear friends Amber Keeler VanRiper, John…

Posted by Robin Davis on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Buzzfeed has since confirmed that the donation indeed came from Tay and wasn’t some sort of internet hoax, though she’s made no moves to make her generosity public.

Fairy-godmother Taylor strikes again.

“I didn’t believe it at first,” said Mandy Kibby, the good friend who started the campaign. “This woman is amazing.”

Tay-Tay’s heart of gold strikes again.