Taylor Swift Donating ‘Welcome to New York’ Profits to Public Schools

Oct 30, 2014 at 1:00 pm |

Singer Taylor Swift and Cat are seen in Soho

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Taylor Swift is more than happy to share the wealth, and in this instance, she is sharing it with the New York City public school system.

The pop star does not stop giving back, even if that means donating to a city in which she didn’t grow up or go to school.

Monday (Oct. 27) Swift was named the Global Welcome Ambassador for Tourism with NYC&Company. Swift received a lot of backlash when she made the announcement the day her new album 1989 was released. Why? Because the Pennsylvania native is not from New York.

The country-gone-pop singer moved to Manhattan roughly two years ago and has gotten much of her inspiration for her latest album from the City That Never Sleeps. The first song on the album is Welcome to New York and tells about her first move to the city.


The song was released on iTunes prior to the release of her album, and for every time the song is purchased, Taylor makes a small profit.

After critics took to social media to express that Taylor has no business being the New York City’s tourism spokesperson, she took action. Wednesday (Oct. 29) Swift explained and announced on The View, “I love it here. I love it so much and I actually ended up writing a song called Welcome to New York about what it felt like to move here and about how it just felt very, very much like endless possibilities and it feels like being unique is celebrated here. The song… it’s selling really, really well, which is good because I’m donating all of my proceeds to New York City public schools.”

Swift was named the most charitable celebrity in 2012 and 2013. And it is looking like she will top the list for 2014 as well.

Check out the song that’s making NYC public schools money. If you like it, download it on iTunes for only $1.29. Remember, you’ll be helping donate to a much needed cause.

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Taylor Swift is known for her music. But did you know that she is just as well known for her charity work? Find out what she is now doing for NYC public schools!