Taylor Swift Is Terribly Suspicious of the Irish Language

Oct 28, 2014 at 4:42 pm |

In an interview with Rachael Ryan, a Dublin-based journalist, Taylor Swift refused to say certain words and phrases from the Irish Gaelic language.

Swift was afraid that the interviewer was trying to get her to say “something like sex.” The pop star who just released her new album 1989 asked “are they going to get me in trouble?” Swift even flatly refused to repeat the phrase “conas atá tú?”

“That’s something dirty,” said Swift, while Ryan promised the singer the phrase simply meant, “how are you?”

Ryan tried to get the singer to say some other phrases but Taylor wouldn’t budge, so she gave up!

When the interview was over, however, there didn’t seem to be too much awkwardness between them. The two hugged, posed for a picture, and Taylor carried on promoting her album as she tries to earn the distinction of being the first artist to sell a million copies in the first week of three different albums.

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Taylor Swift was asked in an interview to repeat some words in Gaelic, but flat-out refused! Find out why!