Taylor Swift’s ‘New York’ Anthem Supports Equal Rights

Oct 22, 2014 at 5:42 pm |

 Taylor Swift poses before the 'Deutscher Radiopreis 2014'

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If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album titled 1989. It hits stores (and iTunes) October 27th.

The country-turned-pop star is looking like she is going to be setting records, again! Swift is poised to become the first music artist to sell at least 1 million albums in the first week of its debut three times. Speak Now (2010) and Red (2012) both sold over a million copies in their first week. And 1989, Taylor’s fifth studio album, will most likely follow suit.

The interesting thing about her upcoming album is that it is going to be an all pop album. Yes, our little country sweetheart who filled our ears with magical ballads and melodies from hits such as Our Song or Love Story has left country forever. Or, at least for now.

After Swift’s first pop single, Shake It Off, skyrocketed to success, things are looking good so far for 1989. But it’s the album’s other tracks that are gaining more attention lately, even prior to the release date. In a strategic (and genius, really) plan to capitalize on financial gains, Swift is releasing songs one-by-one from her upcoming album on iTunes, prior to the release of the full album. Songs mind you, not singles. Listeners purchase each one of these songs because they cannot wait to hear them, and end up buying the album when it comes out anyway.

Greed is good!

But a dollar is nothing for a Taylor Swift song right? Well, whether you are a fan of Swift or not, there is no denying that the megastar has handled her celebrity status with nothing but grace and professionalism. Taylor is not just a role model or icon, but a voice that can be used for the good of humanity. And Taylor used that ability in one of her latest songs released on iTunes at midnight Tuesday morning.

The first track on her upcoming album is titled Welcome to New York. If you follow Taylor on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, you would know that Taylor lives in New York City, (and you would also know that she loves to bake cookies and lounge around with her two cats Meredith and Olivia.) Anyway, Taylor has lived in NYC for the last couple of years, and has gotten a lot of inspiration from the Big Apple.

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So, what about her new song is so different from all of her others? Well, unless you live under a rock, you can see the contrast between country music and pop music. So now that Taylor is solely doling pop, her lyrics will pertain to different subjects other than pickup trucks and cornfields. Ok, so she wasn’t that country, but you get the point.

With big cities come big diversity, and pop music appeals to a wider audience. In the country music business, musicians tends to keep to the subject matter of that industry–somewhat limiting what the lyrics in songs are about. However, in the middle of Welcome to New York, Taylor sings “You can want who you want. Boys and boys and girls and girls,” making her voice heard in a subtle way that shows she supports equal-rights for the LGBT community.

Taylor may not be shouting at the top of her lungs how she feels, but at least she is expressing her opinion. Now that she’s performing in a category with pro-gay icons like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and even Madonna, Taylor is starting to shed more of her colors to the public eye, which is spectacular to see.

While all genres of music have continued to grow and change in a way to appeal to a broader audience, there needs to be more public figures that speak out and stand up for equal-rights from all genres of music. And now that we are seeing another side to the Taylor Swift that millions of fans adore, hopefully she will continue to speak out and help mend what has given this country a black eye: a lack of acceptance.

Check out Taylor’s Welcome to New York, and see if the catchy beat has you singing about whoever it is that you love…

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Taylor Swift released the song “Welcome to New York,” which might be our next LGBT anthem. Click here to listen!