Teddy Bear Cuddles Saves Orphaned Possum’s Life

Oct 9, 2015 at 4:28 pm |

All You Need Is Love (And Teddy Bears)

possum with stuffed kangaroo

Source: YouTube/Taronga Sydney


A female brushtail possum joey, found orphaned in the Mosman area of Sydney and suffering from dehydration, is making a steady recovery, as seen in this video posted October 7 by Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

The four-month-old possum is expected to be released back into the wild, but until then, she has made fast friends with a stuffed toy kangaroo, cuddling it in the way she would interact with her mother, said hospital officials.

If not for the love of his stuffed animal, the possum might not have made such a hasty recover (plus he’s clearly in need of a cuddle buddy.) We understand!

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