The 4 Worst Film Directors That Are Still Somehow Successful

Mar 16, 2014 at 12:00 pm |

Some film directors are shockingly talented, and have crafted masterful careers that are decades long. They also enjoy critical and commercial success. Others laugh all the way to the bank with a string of painful films that still somehow make money.

4. Raja Gosnell

Raja Gosnell

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It is understandable. You filmed the Smurfs. It is a financial success based on name alone. So you are allowed to direct the Smurfs 2, and you follow the formula that worked. Unsurprisingly, it is a financial success. Also unsurprising, it was a total critical failure. This is all well and fun if you have other films aside from this property that worked. Unfortunately, Gosnell’s highest rated directorial film features a chihuahua with ninja powers.

3. Paul W.S. Anderson

Paul W.S. Anderson


This director recently released Pompeii, an action adventure re-imagining of the famous volcano explosion that buried an entire city. It was a by the numbers action flick, and audiences turned out. But this is no surprise considering the actors trajectory. He directed the majority of the Resident Evil films, which provided his greatest success. Funny thing is, they all gat lambasted by critics. He also directed the unbelievably horrible Alien vs. Predator. Yet Box office Mojo recalls that it brought in twice its budget. One bonus – he is now married to Milla Jovovich!

2. Dennis Dugan

Dennis Dugan - Grown Ups

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Where Paul W.S. Anderson makes big dumb action thrillers, Dennis Dugan makes big dumb comedies. His genius contributions to the comedy lexicon include the nauseating Grown Ups (they literally made a sequel), 2006’s the Benchwarmers, and homophobic bromance film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Working with later-day Adam Sandler may make financial sense, but it will keep you firmly established as a hack fraud.

1. Jonathan Liebesman

Jonathan Liebesman


Jonathan Liebesman is responsible for some critical disasters, but audiences keep flocking to his next disaster in record numbers. Responsible for the stupidity of Battle Los Angeles and the embarrassing ‘for a quick buck’ remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Liebesman never fails to surprise audiences with his own failure.

Audiences quake in their turtle shells over his next film- a re-imagining of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It gets worse. The thing is produced by Michael Bay and it stars plastic actress Megan Fox. Yet, no one will be surprised when it breaks box office records. Liebesman is the king of generic filmmaking, where each of his crap films makes a substantial profit.

Some film directors keep landing jobs despite how incredibly terrible their movies are. But as long as money talks, these 4 horrible directors can find work.