The Cutest Stray Cat Befriends Famous Photographer In Adorable Video

Jul 1, 2015 at 5:15 pm |

I Am Soooooo Jealous!

I often feed the cats on my street because I need to accomplish my 5-year plan of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady, but I’ve never had a cat do this to me! This little orange kitten may be homeless, but he’s big on love and affection. Unlike most scaredy cats, this little guy cuddles with famous Japanese wildlife photographer and filmmaker Mitsuaki Iwago.

stray kitten japan


How does this cat lover bond with his subjects? “Listen closely, watch closely and take a deep sniff. This will help you develop a ‘cat’s sense’. If you are using your full five senses as you walk around, the instant you turn into an alley you will either smell a cat or know where to look and find one. In doing this, you’re not really using your human eyes – you’re employing your ‘cat’s eyes’. Essentially, because humans are also natural living things, we have the ability to smell and read the air,” he says.

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Squee! I wish stray cats would perch on my head!