The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Are Falling For Fallen Angel Lady Gaga

Mar 24, 2014 at 9:00 am |

Lady Gaga G.U.Y

Lady Gaga has recently released her new album ARTPOP and the single that has quickly reached the top of the charts is “G.U.Y.”. The artist has created a video for the song, which is just as outrageous as anything else that she has delivered to the masses. This time she has reached out for help from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her monsters couldn’t be happier.

First, Gaga drops from heaven and she is greeted by the housewives who don pink gowns and are playing musical instruments. Vanderpump is on the tambourine, The Richards’ girls are on acoustic guitars, Gebbia is on the harp and Foster plays the cello.

The Bravo reference wouldn’t be complete without Andy Cohen, who appears as a head in the clouds as a sort of God that watches over Gaga’s transformation as a fallen angel. The whole video is strange, though one could probably realize this even without seeing the video.

As US Magazine puts it, she has stayed true to her Gaga fashion with the various locations and eclectic storylines.

The video starts with a businessman that shoots down an angel, which is actually Lady Gaga with large bird wings. She then ends up at a lively party at the Hearst Castle in California. She takes a dip in the pool, is reborn, and the Housewives become the Greek chorus to welcome Gaga to earth.

The Housewives eventually drop their instruments in the GUY video. Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards dress in black and make a return to be canon-holding gangsters that walk through the corridors with Lady Gaga herself.

GUY is the third single that has come off of the ARTPOP album and it is just as cleverly designed as the others are. This one does not include any vomit, so viewers have considered themselves thankful…so far.

Since the video debuted, people have been weighing in on the video, including Cohen. He recorded a nearly 10-minute reaction that includes “Singing along and gasping” and has declared that he’s shocked that he made the video. Everyone else will be shocked once they watch the video, too.

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous antics on stage as well as in her music videos. G.U.Y is the newest video and features the Housewives of Beverly Hills.