They Nicknamed This Doberman ‘The Horse Whisperer.’ When You Find Out How He…

Oct 27, 2015 at 5:27 pm |

Was This Dog a Horse In His Past Life?

Source: YouTube/@lesliestark

Source: YouTube/@lesliestark


Let us introduce you to a pair of the most adorable besties that we’ve ever seen: Contino the horse, and Boss the doberman.

As you can see these two have a pretty unique relationship. Not only do they hang out together at the stables, but they also take care of one another in a very special way. Boss walks Contino on his lead (two and from the barn) and not only does Contino follow along, he seems happy to be led by his buddy. In return, Contino cleans Boss, and Boss begrudgingly sits still for the bath.

The two animals have become extremely comfortable with each other after years of time together.

“Boss has been with Contino since he turned 4 months and went to the club. Since then, their way of communicating and understanding of each other has just developed in an outstanding manner.”

But Boss’ boss behavior also has to the with how well trained the doberman has been since he was a puppy. “He’s always had this confidence and special feeling around horses and specially with Contino.”

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