This Baby Sloth Thinks a Teddy Bear is Its Mom

Aug 7, 2015 at 10:41 am |

A Baby Sloth at the London Zoo Is Making Due Without His Mom

Everyone remembers the classic childhood book, Are you my mother? This is basically like that, except instead of a lost little bird looking for his mother, it’s an adorable baby sloth!

The London Zoo has been doing everything it can to take care of Edward Scissorhands, a 7-week-old two-clawed baby sloth whose mother is unable to take care of him. His care has included feedings every 3 hours, and one special trick worked up by the specialists at the London Zoo.

Edward was given a stuffed animal sloth that so that he can climb and hang off of it as he would his mother. The specialists at the zoo say that aside from being adorable, this is actually an important factor in his growth, as this climbing time helps him develop important muscle structure that he would normally develop with his mother.

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I couldn’t believe the reason this sloth was given a teddy bear at the London Zoo!