This Man Carries His Injured Dog For Two Days

Aug 7, 2015 at 4:39 pm |

Wayne Best has earned his last name. Best’s dog, Choco, was attacked by a crocodile near a remote river in Australia. So what does a man do for his best friend? He carried him through the wilderness for two days to get him to safety.

“It went for the dog and just got him by the arse end, picked him up and just shook him and then went under water. That was all that I saw of him,” Best told The Cairns Post. “About two minutes later, [Choco] pops up again and I didn’t see the croc, and he swam back in.” Best grabbed the dog and pulled him to safety. Unfortunately the nearest village was about 60 miles away. So Best carried the dog in his arms and gave him painkillers until they flagged someone down for safety.

Choco is fine now and only had to endure a broken leg, which he received surgery for. It could have been a lot worse for Best and his best mate. Here’s to a speedy recovery! Would you do this for your dog? I’d do it for my cat, but she’d probably claw my eyes out.

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Man can be a dog’s best friend, too.