This Neglected Sheep Makes Unlikely Best Friend

Jul 6, 2015 at 1:51 pm |

This Sheep Wasn’t Supposed To Live… But A Stuffed Animal Makes All The Difference.

Animal cruelty is always heartbreaking and it’s always unfair when the perpetrator can’t be brought to justice. Neo, the sheep, was brought into Edgars Animal sanctuary after being found severely neglected with scabs, sores, and other physical ailments all over his body. Neo is on a long road to recovery but his name meaning “new beginnings” is completely appropriate for him.

The night he was brought in, Neo was suffering from severe photosensitivity, which the animal keepers believed was from eating toxic plants. This also caused damage to his liver and made his skin extremely sensitive. Additionally, Neo was completely blind in he left eye. The keepers didn’t want to leave him completely alone so they brought a giant stuffed animal to keep him company, which was a huge success in terms of security and comfort for Neo. An update on Edgar’s website let’s us know that “Each day, Neo has grown stronger and more inquisitive, but he never strays too far from his beloved Teddy.“ Since he began his treatments, Neo has gained some sight back in his eye and has become more social with the other animals.

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Neo from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


This sheep wasn’t supposed to live… but a cute pig made all the difference.