This Parody of Bieber’s New CK Ad is Amazing

Jan 8, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

Credit: Yes it’s funny
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Justin Bieber made a sexy splash this week with the release of his new Calvin Klein underwear campaign. The classic black and white ad, a la Marky Mark, has been a staple of the CK’s for many years, yet it’s surprising that the clean-cut campaign does such a good job of embracing Bieber’s not-so-untarnished image.


However, as with everything Bieber does, people will make fun of it. So of course, it was only a matter of time until someone made this amazing parody featuring Bieber’s butt crack, and his talent at playing the wooden spoons. Sadly he gets overexcited while playing the wooden cooking spoons and hurts his hands, sparking the campaign’s trending hashtag #MyHandsHurt. The parody is absurd, but offers a sly commentary on how difficult it is to take Justin Bieber seriously.

But maybe he’ll prove us wrong this year.

Of course, Miley Cyrus was the first person to pull the punchline on his new ad. Check out her parody from IG below!

If you’re offended by Bieber and crack, don’t watch this video. Click here!