This Pygmy Goat Will Make Your Day

Dec 12, 2014 at 2:55 pm |

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Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to cute animals. Is there anything better than a tiny animal being cuddly and sweet on YouTube? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Benji the orphaned pygmy goat.

Benjamin is only 5 weeks old and was abandoned by his mother after birth. Shortly thereafter, he was taken in by Tom, who has most likely discovered that pygmy goats are much better than puppies when it comes to picking up girls.

The unlikely duo live together in rural Yorkshire, where beautiful singsong accents and endless fields for grazing abound. Tom allows children and families to come meet, play with, and feed Benji.

But the world’s cutest fun-sized goat won’t be around for long. Tom is set on releasing Benji out to the field instead of letting him stay in and around the house, stating that the goat “will start to become a bit more of a bigger boy.”

But not by much! Benji will only grow to be about the size of a labrador. More like labradorable!

Pygmy goats hopping along to the tunes of The Sound of Music? Admit it, Benji just made your day. Heck, he probably just made your whole weekend.

Something got your goat? Watch this video and you’re sure to cheer up!