It’s Raining Geese: Thousands of Geese Fall Dead from Idaho Sky

Mar 17, 2015 at 1:35 pm |

avian cholera bird flu dead geese idaho

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

What would you do if you were walking down the street when countless white geese started falling from the sky, literally dropping like flies?

Yeah, that’s a pretty scary situation to say the least. Well residents in eastern Idaho were witnesses to this rare occurrence yesterday (March 16) when at least 2,000 snow geese died mid-flight during their annual migration to Alaska.

The suspect? Avian cholera, the most prevalent disease in North American wild waterfowl.

Studied by Louis Pasteur, avian cholera has been known to kill thousands of birds from related flocks largely due to the presence of bacterium in and around wetlands, which can serve as reservoirs and cesspools for the disease.

Volunteers have been collecting and burning the bird carcasses while biologists await results to confirm the diagnosis behind the epidemic.

Eagles seen feeding on the dead geese may now be contaminated as well. Although nearby wildlife could now be at risk, humans aren’t normally susceptible to contracting the disease.

Over 2,000 geese died mid-flight in a suspected outbreak of avian cholera. Can it affect you? Find out here!