Tiger Becomes A Caddy For Jimmy Fallon

Aug 19, 2014 at 10:33 am |

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

Theo Wargo, NBC, Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon invited Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy onto The Tonight Show to help promote Nike’s new line of golf gear. McIlroy was dressed in style and looking as if he had just won two back-to-back golf majors. Woods stood off to the side, away from the spotlight, dressed in all black, quite possibly mourning his golf career.

The Tonight Show featured “a game that involved chipping balls at glass pictures of McIlroy and Fallon’s face.” Woods was left out and unable to display his golf ability on live TV but the golf icon has proved his mastery of the sport a copious number of times in the past and is currently dealing with a few golf-related injuries.

Regardless, Woods was demoted from matching up against McIlroy and in turn played the role of Fallon’s caddy and coach. Caddy Woods did his work well by lining up golf balls for Fallon and offering encouraging words. But with brutal honesty at the end Woods said to Fallon at the end, “you seriously got your butt kicked.”

The Face Breaker Cup


After an intense two minute battle, McIlroy takes home another trophy, The Face Breaker Cup. “If this summer was the metaphorical passing of the torch from Tiger to Rory, this was the literal one, except that this torch was a plastic trophy pre-engraved with McIlroy’s name,” proclaims USA Today‘s Chris Chase. Well literally speaking then, this will be the fourth consecutive tournament when McIlroy has taken home the trophy, while Woods stands by and watches.

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Will Tiger continue to watch McIlroy from the sidelines?…Apparently so, and now he is a caddy.