Tiny Hamsters Drinking Tiny Piña Coladas at the Tiniest Tiki Party

May 21, 2015 at 3:19 pm |

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Our favorite tiny rodents are back, and this time instead of nom-noming away at baby burritos they’re throwing themselves the tiniest tiki party — and it might be the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. The decor and outfits are something that would receive Martha Stewart’s stamp of approval, and the video’s hamster even gets to show off his/her acting skills!

The video is brought to you by creative team Hello Denizen, who went viral after their burrito video nabbed over 10 million hits. Apparently the internet agrees that hamsters eating things is unbearably cute.

Curious to know how they made these tiny things so tiny? Here’s their behind the scenes!

This video might just make your tiny heart explode with happiness. You’re welcome.