Two New Parody-Worthy Lincoln Ads with Matthew McConaughey

Dec 29, 2014 at 12:01 pm |

The Lincoln Motor Company posted a short trailer for its MKZ advert on December 26 with the message “something big is coming.”

When Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey starred in the atmospheric “In the Moment” TV ad campaign for the Lincoln Motor Company earlier this year, the results were ripe for parody. For one thing, the actor’s faraway stare behind the wheel resulted in Jim Carrey’s hilarious send-up on Saturday Night Live.

Now McConaughey is back with two ads promoting the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. “It’s not about huggin’ trees,” McConaughey is heard saying at the beginning of the Hybrid advert. Rather, “you just gotta’ find that balance where taking care of yourself, takes care of more than… just yourself. That’s the sweet spot.”

Carrey’s response should be interesting if it happens! The second, almost wordless, advert for the MKZ is also included below.
Check out both new McConaughey Lincoln Motors TV Ads!

Source: Lincoln Motor Co

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The second ad is even better than the first! Check it out.

Source: Lincoln Motor Co
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Have you seen the new Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads? They’re a must-watch!