Surprise! It’s… Not a Girl? Parents Get Shock of Their Lives After Ultrasound Was Wrong!

Mar 18, 2015 at 12:33 pm |

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Kyle and Danielle Williams received the shock of their lives on March 3 when their second daughter was born… only she wasn’t a daughter at all!

Dad Kyle was the first to notice a little extra something that totally undid months of preparation for the arrival of another girl to the family. Even mom Danielle couldn’t believe it when the doctor announced, “It’s a boy!”

That’s right: the ultrasound Danielle got on October 4, 2014 was wrong. Dead wrong, in fact, because it missed the only organ that it was supposed to identify in the first place! After months of waiting and 20 hours of labor, the baby girl that the Williams were expecting to name Charlee had to be named Bentley instead!

Naturally, the family was still absolutely overjoyed at the arrival of a healthy, newborn son!

The best part? You can only imagine how surprised the parents were, so they decided to have a little fun with the family, too! Watch the video to see the hilarious reactions from the grandparents and even Bentley’s big sister Peyton.

Have you ever heard of anything so strange (and still adorable)? Guess you know not to trust ultrasounds from now on…

Could you even imagine if your ultrasound was wrong? This family’s reactions are hysterical!