Vin Diesel Shares 7-Year-Old Daughter’s Adorable Text Messages

Oct 15, 2015 at 1:42 pm |

Vin Diesel Is the Coolest Daddy Ever

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The joys of fatherhood couldn’t be more obvious with actor Vin Diesel, and we love it! Not only did he and longtime girlfriend Paloma Jiménez just give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl Pauline (named for his late costar and best friend late Paul Walker) but Vin is also experiencing what it’s like to have his other daughter, 7-year-old Hania, move into the adolescent phase. She even has her own cell phone. (Does anyone else remember getting one at age 7? Holy moly.)

Last night on Jimmy Fallon, Vin Diesel even shared some of the messages that his tech-savvy daughter has been sending him, and they’re absolutely adorable.

Vin Diesel on the Tonight Show

Source: YouTube/TheTonightShowStarringJimmyFallon

“This is not appropriate,” Diesel noted as he pulled out his phone (knowing full well that later in life his daughter would slaughter him for sharing her messages.) “My 7-year-old daughter has an iPhone now. And she just texted me this: ‘Hi, daddy. I love you so much, I am so proud of you. I miss you so much, I believe in you that you will make an awesome movie. I love you so much, I miss you so much.’”

Clearly Hania isn’t old enough to see the movie that her muscly daddy is promoting about witch hunting, but we’re glad to hear how supportive she’s being to her father. “Tell her you made Frozen,” Fallon offered. Good call Jimmy.

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