Watch Jennifer Lawrence Nail This Cher Impression

Jul 10, 2015 at 10:47 am |

Jennifer Lawrence made more than a splash last night on Conan, the Hunger Games actress full-on canonballed on the show – cursing like a sailor, looking as gorgeous as ever, and she even gave us another opportunity to hear her stunning vocals.

Ok, maybe her vocals weren’t stunning – but she CAN actually sing. J-Law claims singing in front of others is her worst fear, even though she proved last year that she has a lovely voice with her soothing, throaty rendition of “The Hanging Tree” from the last installment of the Hunger Games (which of course became a hit single.)

As a followup to her favorited folk song, Lawrence gave us a taste of a very different vocal flavor, her best Cher impression – and it’s amazing! That glottal growl is on point for “Believe.” Maybe we can look forward to another single off of the final Hunger Games soundtrack?

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I’ve heard a LOT of Cher impressions – but THIS? I love J-Law.