Watching These People Fight Over $7 Will Make You So Angry

Jan 15, 2015 at 3:08 pm |

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Face it, car salesmen have never had a good reputation in America (just watch Fargo). But this video perfectly exemplifies why they may very well be the scum of society.

Some backstory: Palace Pizza delivery man Jarrid Tansey delivered an order to what is being identified as F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts. The order came to a total of about $43, and a worker at the dealership paid him with two twenties and two five-dollar bills. According to Tansey, the workers made it clear that the extra $7 were being given to him as tip (a moderately generous 16.6%).

When Tansey returned to Palace Pizza, however, his bosses informed him that F&R Auto Sales had called, demanding the excess cash back.

Tansey then had to drive back to the car dealership to hand over the measly 7 bucks. When he tried clarifying that he was under the impression the money was given to him as change, the haughty car salespeople immediately get nasty. The worst part? They then refuse to give him any tip money.

The delivery man has a great point: why would they even give him the extra five-dollar bill in the first place? The cheapskates could have avoided this whole issue if they were capable of better mental math in the first place. The guy in blue draws a faulty and moronic comparison to paying at a supermarket to defend himself. And these are the ones responsible for selling cars and striking bargains with the citizens of Westport?

The stupidity doesn’t stop there. The sass queen in green really takes things to the next level by shouting “Out of the door, before I put my foot in your ass. How’s that one?”

Seriously? The banter doesn’t stop there, however, as the dealership workers start acting like hot sh*t with their offensive Massachusetts accents, saying they want to call Palace Pizza and have Tansey fired. Once they start congratulating themselves you can practically picture them high fivingas if they were the coolest people on the planet.

Rewind: this whole argument is about $7. This is probably the most minuscule argument to have ever caused such unnecessary drama. While Tansey doesn’t necessarily help himself by continuing to try and prove his own point, the dealership workers should be so embarrassed by their words and cowardly lack of actions (they called Palace Pizza to complain, but the manager exonerated Tansey).

The video is currently going viral, and thousands of supporters from across the country have been contacting Tansey to show their support. F&R Auto Sales are not accepting phone calls. And you thought Westport was a classy town.

Typical Massholes.

These car salesman are the apex of what’s wrong with society. Watch the unnerving video here!