What They Did With Their Daughter’s Heart Will Leave You In Tears

Jul 31, 2015 at 5:24 pm |

A 13-Year-Old Dies In A Tragic Ski Accident. What They Did With Her Heart Will Give You All Of The Feels.

Losing a child is always extremely difficult and sad but the parents of 13-year-old Taylor Storch were able to create some good out of their daughter’s heartbreaking death. After a tragic ski accident on a family vacation, Taylor’s parents decided to donate her organs to those in need. Six months later, they had the chance to experience something few relatives of donors get to.

Taylor’s heart went to 39-year-old Patricia Winters who had a degenerative disease called cardiomyopathy. Her heart was extremely weak to the point where she was sleeping 18 hours a day and couldn’t properly take care of her two sons. After her successful surgery, she came across an article that ambiguously stated a story about a young girls death and how the girl’s organ donations helped save a woman her own age. She immediately knew they were talking about herself. Organ donations are always confidential but between some twist of fate, both parties found each other through articles on the Internet. Six months after the accident, the Storches and Winters met and Taylor’s parents got to connect with her daughter one last time…by hearing Patricia’s/Taylor’s heartbeat.

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