What This Barber Does On His Day Off Makes Us Tear Up

Jul 2, 2015 at 12:12 pm |

“Clean Cut, Clean Start” is an initiative started by Melbourne, Australia barber Nasir Sobhani.

Originally from Canada, only 26-years-old and a former drug addict, Nasir spends his one day off during the week cutting more hair – but this time, for the homeless. Nicknamed “The Streets Barber”, he started his program about a year ago to to celebrate his own sobriety and to motivate the less fortunate towards new beginnings.

Sobhani and his amazing effort is the subject of a recent documentary called The Streets Barber. “I remember the days of when I just used to just hate myself and not even look at the mirror without crying because I would just be so disgusted at who I was,” the barber says in the documentary. “And I find that embedded in a lot of my street clients. They feel so ashamed of who they are.”

“You already have a newfound confidence when you get a haircut, and now imagine what it’s like for someone who’s really been in a bad place in their life,” Sobhani told the Herald Sun. “A human interaction with them, companionship from someone who just genuinely wants to know about them is going to really help them out. So letting them know that they are worthy of human interaction is actually the main thing here.”

This is proof that good and bad aren’t so black and white. A former drug addict with a heart of gold?

Remember, it’s easy to judge someone based on their appearances. We hope this inspires more people to be kind and sympathetic to the underprivileged. Hopefully this catches on here in The States!

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