Who is Iggy Azalea?

Mar 15, 2014 at 7:00 am |


Iggy Azalea Australian Rapper

Source: Herald Sun

You’ve probably heard of her…Iggy Azalea.  Even if you don’t recognize her name, you’re sure to recognize her curvaceous figure, which is getting noticed as being hotter, and much more natural, than Kim Kardashian.  Thursday night (March 13), Iggy performed at a MTV event hosted in Austin, TX and she most certainly showed off her curves in the outfit she was wearing.

Iggy gave quite a performance and it comes as no surprise being that her own single, Fancy, has debuted on the Billboard Charts at number 27.  On April 14, her new album will drop, The New Classic.

So, exactly who is Iggy Azalea?  Where did she come from?  And did she really claim that Miley stole her twerking moves?  Let’s dive in and take a quick look.

Iggy Azalea is 23-years old and comes from Australia.  She did in fact claim that Miley stole her twerking moves.  While most people would agree that twerking has been around far before Iggy Azalea was ever born, she was sure to shoot these claims down by saying it was her that invented twerking.  Iggy claimed “I’ve been doing that onstage for two-and-a-half years…[Miley] probably f–king watched my videos online and decided to try it.”

OK, Iggy!  Obviously you think that everything revolves around you.  We’re pretty sure Miley didn’t invent twerking and neither did you.

Iggy Azalea MTV Performance


Some people claim Iggy has “the most successful white female rapper of all time.”  Kind of hard to believe being that a good majority of people have likely not heard of her.  But then again, has everyone heard of Eminem?  He’s probably the most well known white male rapper of all time, right?

T.I. has had a major influence on Iggy’s career.  In fact, it was his early presence that largely caressed her into the musical style that she now takes to.  The odd thing with Iggy is that in her music, she really never raps about anything important or interesting.  Most of her lyrics are directly related to sex.  But, the sex thing must be working out for her because she’s rising in popularity with each passing day.  ?

Iggy Azalea is not yet a household name, but it probably will be within the next few years. She is rising in popularity and is even becoming well-known for having a far more flattering figure than Kim Kardashian.