Why Did This Single Mom Buy A Billboard For Her Son?

Jun 26, 2015 at 1:52 pm |

Single mother Ovella O’Neal was so happy for her son Aljelani Igwe for graduating high school she bought a billboard exclaiming her joy. Aljelani recently graduated from Leap Academy Charter School in Camden, New Jersey.

The billboard says, “A mother can’t raise a man but I raised a gentleman. We have the total package.” Costing $700, it was a total surprise to the 18-year-old graduate. “I don’t know too many moms who would do this for their children,” Igwe told 6ABC.

Mom Ovella said, “He’s a young male and he made it through the whole downfall of Camden — the bad rap, I should say, of Camden.” She also laid down strict guidelines for Igwe. He wasn’t allowed to have a girlfriend and also had a limit on his cell phone use.

Igwe is heading to Rowan University this fall to study engineering. The grateful and loving son told CBS Philly, “I know I want my own house and my mom wanted a BMW, so I’m going to try and get her that, too.”

Ovella has five other children, and raising them all to be upstanding kids is no easy feat. Here’s to single moms everywhere making it work!

All moms should be this supportive.