Winnie the Pooh Drawing Fetches Almost Half a Million

Dec 9, 2014 at 3:56 pm |

Winnie the Pooh has tipped the scales once again.

The original EH Shepard drawing of the lovable literary character standing around with his best friends Christopher Robin and Piglet, sold at auction in London for a record-breaking $490,470.

This breaks the world record for any book illustration sold at Sotheby’s auction house.


The picture depicts the three characters from behind as they look over a bridge into a river while playing “Poohsticks,” a game in which the fictional friends throw sticks over one side of the bridge and watch them float into the distance on the other side. The iconic image has been placed on the front of many publications of the world-renowned children’s book since its first appearance in AA Milne’s second book, “The House At Pooh Corner.”

“Back in 1974 it sold for a few hundred pounds, certainly below the thousand mark, so this is an indication in how the market in book illustrations has just soared recently,” said Philip Errington, director of the Sotheby’s book department.

Hopefully Pooh and his friends have found a happy new home. But you can bet one thing – Pooh can afford all the honey he wants.

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