You Can Now Bedazzle Your Cat’s Butt With ‘Twinkle Tush’

Jul 15, 2015 at 12:37 pm |

Twinkle Tush Is the Best Thing To Happen to Kitties Ever

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The high-end fashion ass-essory you’ve always wanted for your little buddy has arrived. That’s right, no more awkward balloon knots winking at you in the morning after you buy your cat its very own Twinkle Tush!

Twinkle Tush is literally a bejeweled cat-bum cover that hangs from your cat’s tail. Your cat will most likely hate it, because A) it’s a cat, and B) let’s be honest, who wants a piece of plastic costume jewelry pasted to their bunghole.

That being said, I want 37 of them to hand out to all of my friends who have cats. And why limit twinkling to your cat’s tushes? I think are a few special pups out there who wouldn’t mind some bum bling – or even just paste a googly-eye on the butt of your hamster. Because why not?

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If these images aren’t enough to have you rolling on the floor, you HAVE to listen to the Twinkle Tush theme song.

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ZOMG. Wait until you hear this theme song. Anyone know any cool cat ladies?