YouTuber Raises $125,000 for Homeless Man Makeover Following Viral Video

Dec 30, 2014 at 1:23 pm |

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Are you showing your good will towards man? Because Josh Paler Lin is killing it this year!

The YouTuber’s recent social experiment involving a homeless man went viral, chalking up 25 million-plus views, and now he’s capitalized on it’s popularity to help the homeless further.

The original experiment saw Paler Lin give the man, named Thomas, $100 to see how he would spend it. Thomas then took the money to buy food for others living on the streets.

Now Paler Lin has given the homeless individual a makeover, while also revealing details of a stunning fundraising campaign which has raised over $125,000. The follow up video sees Paler Lin take Thomas for a meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, rent him a hotel room as well as giving him a haircut, a suit and a cell phone so the pair can keep in touch.

Paler Lin then thanks his viewers for the massive response to an Indiegogo campaign which has received donations from over 6,300 people thus far and which aims to give Thomas a new lease of life. Having aimed to raise $10,000, the page has now taken in well over ten times that amount.
On the campaign page, Paler Lin writes:

“We want to help him to get a fresh start. 1) Help Thomas to get a cellphone so that he can keep in touch with me, 2) Help him to either get his condo back or get him stay at a place that he can call “home”, 3) help him to get a career that he deserves and start his new life again.”

Paler Lin has also chronicled his meetings with Thomas over the festive period on his Instagram page and related images are included below:

Thomas Learns How to Use Chopsticks

Taking Thomas to eat Shabu Shabu in this X’mas eveI’m trying to teach him how to use chopstick lol

A photo posted by JoshPalerLin™ (@djpaler) on

A Christmas Dinner Mrs. Cratchit Would be Proud Of


I think Thomas had a good X’mas meal#letshelpthomas #xmas A photo posted by JoshPalerLin™ (@djpaler) on


Thomas’ New Threads

Thomas got a makeover!! Can you still recognize him?new video coming up soon!

A photo posted by JoshPalerLin™ (@djpaler) on

Josh Paler Lin showed his good will towards one special man. What do you think of his makeover?