27 Shocking Photos from the Ferguson Riots and Nationwide Protests

Nov 25, 2014 at 5:05 pm |

St. Louis’ County grand jury decided Monday (Nov. 24) that Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson policeman who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown last August, will not be indicted on any charges.

This has caused an uproar in the city of Ferguson, MO, and riots and protests have broken out all over the nation.

Just in the city of Ferguson last night, there have been roughly 150 gunshots fired, over 80 arrests, at least 12 buildings burned down, and several cars set afire.

Here are some photographs of the terrible struggle that Ferguson is currently going through, and the shockwaves of protests and riots that have cropped up in New York, Los Angeles, D.C. and Chicago.

Shots of what look like different war zones across America are a painful reminder of how explosive racial tension still is in our country, as well as the emotion that we have wrapped up in this trial.

Pray for safety for the residents of Ferguson, and pray that we can reconcile.

27. Ferguson, MO


People walk past a collapsed building, where protesters and looters rampaged businesses following the grand jury decision in the fatal shooting of a 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, on November 25, 2014. Long-standing racial tensions in the US have flared once again after a night of violence and protests over a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict a white policeman who shot dead the unarmed black teen. Protesters shot at police, looted stores and set cars and buildings ablaze in what police said was the worst violence since officer Darren Wilson shot dead Brown. AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

Parts of our nation have erupted into what looks like a war zone. Click here to see the awful damage…