6 Cat Fails: These Funny Cats Have Absolutely No Chill

Aug 28, 2015 at 12:29 pm |

Warning: these kittens may be on crack. How do we know? Because they clearly have no chill. Watch as these funny cats commit some pretty epic kitty fails – with everything from failed jumps, to finding the worst hiding spaces ever, these spastic creatures are totally not cool.

That’s ok furballs, we love you anyway. And if you’ve ever owned a cat, you’d know that each one comes with their very own special brand of strangeness, tempered with special sweetness. Plus, what fun would your cat be if they were totally too cool for you? Can you imagine a super chill cat, whipping their tail back and forth, pawing delicately through the living room. What fun would that be?

No one ever made a hilarious cat meme from a cool kitty. So geek away our purrrfect friends, and never change – your fails are an endless source of entertainment for cat fans everywhere.

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YAS! These cat fails are EPIC. Just wait until :28.