9-Year-Old ‘Repunzel’ Cuts Off Hair for Best Friend With Cancer

Jul 27, 2015 at 4:56 pm |

There are locks of love, and their are locks of true love, so when 9-year-old Libby Tucker-Spiers saw the hardship her best friend, 7-year-old Aiden, had to bear while undergoing chemotherapy, it’s no surprise she didn’t think twice about giving him one of her most valued possessions — her hair.

Libby even had dreams of looking like Repunzel, said her mother Charlie Spiers to ABC News.

“They say they’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” Spiers remarked. “On Valentine’s Day they got each other cards and everything…I’m so proud of her. She’s got so much going on herself with her own learning difficulties. She’s just selfless.”

The BFFs have already been close for most of their young lives, having met while both of their mothers were giving birth to their respective brother and sisters, so it was shocking for both families to learn last April that Aiden was suffering from a kind of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor.

After stopping by to check in on Aiden after his third chemotherapy treatment, Libby saw the state her friend was in, that he had lost his hair, and decided that she wanted him to have her own.

(CrowdFunding/Charlie Spiers)

(CrowdFunding/Charlie Spiers)

“She saw him on the bed and he was pale – white as a ghost. I think it shocked her because he didn’t have any hair,” says Spiers “The last time she saw him he had curly, blonde hair… She said, ‘I want to give Aiden my hair.’ I said, ‘You can’t.’ and she said, ‘But I want to, I miss his lovely hair.'”

Aiden, being a 7-year-old boy, wasn’t interested in sporting a wig, but still, the perseverant 9-year-old friend chopped off 9 inches of her hair to be made into a wig through a company called Little Princess Trust as a donation instead.

Soon after her beloved locks were gone Libby’s heartwarming story started going viral, and then Libby and Aiden’s mother began fundraising for a End of Chemo Party for Aiden, as well as to help support some of the charities that have backed Aiden and his family during his medical journey.

“The money that we raise will go to the party and back to the charities that have helped us as well,” says Aiden’s mom Clare Selleck.

With chemotherapy treatment lasting all the way until the end of this year, these two best friends still have a long road head of them, but with a party to plan and a lifetime of friendship, we hope the time will pass quickly.

“He has 27 rounds [of chemo],” added Aiden’s mom. “Our last chemo will be the 30th of December, so we’ll finish this awful year and look to the new year cancer-free. When you have a child with cancer you tend to live day by day. It’ll be nice not to have that worry about cancer, but to plan things and have a little more normality back into our lives.”

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This reminds me of the power of friendship at that age.