Adam Levine Maimed On Stage By Superfan, Reacts Beautifully

Apr 7, 2015 at 2:30 pm |

Adam Levine just can’t keep the girls away. No seriously, this one busted her way through security, jumped on stage, and he couldn’t keep her away.

The Maroon 5 frontman and Voice coach was busy performing one of his songs in Anaheim, CA on Monday night (Apr. 6) when a drunken Sasquatch in heels tried to give him the most intense hug ever. We’re not sure what it was she took that night – but she probably no longer feels like it was “The Best Idea Everrrrr!”


What makes this story special though is how chill Adam Levine was in the aftermath. Not only did he not freakout at the girl’s attack (later he even announced that her manicure sliced his ear), but he supported her from falling off of her stilt-like legs into even further embarrassment. What a stand-up guy!

Poor Adam way to end the tour with a cut ear #AdamLevine #maroon5 #stayoffstageidiot

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Wanna see it again from another angle? Of course you do…

Wow vc Kirsten #AdamLevine #idiot #maroon5

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White girl’s face = pure happiness. Adam’s = terror. But he then mouths something like, “You’re alright. Calm down, calm down,” before saying bye-bye. Also, note, the band never stops playing – what a bunch of professionals!

Wow #AdamLevine

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We love you Adam. We’ll save you from that crazy lady next time!

Adam Levine’s reaction to this drunk Sasquatch in heels is priceless. This is why we love him!