Adam Levine ‘Sugar Bombed’ by Pun Prankster

May 7, 2015 at 1:39 pm |

Adam Levine’s already tasty enough without being pelted by layers of confectioners sugar – but apparently one crazed fan thought he could use a little extra smattering of sweetness.

While walking around outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio in Hollywood, Levine was bombed by a stranger bearing a large bag of the white powdery substance – and if you’ve ever baked with the stuff before, it gets everywhere!

Some crazy mother fucker just did this to #ADAMLEVINE #MAROON5 & I got the shot!!! I feel sooo bad for him!!!

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Another fan of the Maroon 5 frontman caught the moment on camera and posted the images to Instagram. Levine does NOT look particularly pleased about the incident – most likely because it’ll be very difficult to get the powder out of his very stylish Native American rug.

(#128561#)(#128561#)(#128561#) #ADAMLEVINE #MAROON5 #jimmykimmel #jimmykimmellive

A photo posted by Kristal Klune(#128139#) (@kristal_klune) on

No one knows why the mystery vigilante decided to go after poor Adam Levine and his knit sweater, but Hollywood police have stated that the attacker is actually a repeat offender. Levine is only one of five victims that is currently pressing charges against the unnamed man who was restrained by security after the powder bomb went off, and was allegedly arrested on suspicion of battery.

The police have also stated that the same guy also threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson only last week, so one can only speculate that with Maroon 5’s latest single being titled “Sugar,” combined with his weapon of choice, that the crazed man is also a huge fan of really bad puns.

What’s next? A live baby at Justin Bieber? Diesel fuel at Vin Diesel?

The attack comes only a few weeks after Adam Levine was practically maimed onstage by a drunk girl that rushed him on stage while he was performing, so you can bet the singer’s going to be sleeping with one eye open over the next few months.

This crazy guy also threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. What’s next? Glitter and butterflies at Mariah Carey?