All Girls T-Ball Team Crushes It With Viral ‘Frozen’ Photo

Jun 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm |

T-Ball Has Never Looked So Fierce

Your childhood sports photos usually consisted of you awkwardly balancing on one knee, offering a toothy grin and propping yourself up on your helmut. Cool. These girls have shown us ALL up (in dresses, no less.) Because what’s more terrifying than a little girl wearing an Elsa costume? (Nothing is.)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the feminists of tomorrow, an Edmond, Oklahoma T-ball team that looks like they’re seriously ready to knock it out of the park.

The all-girls t-ball team is named the “Freeze”, so mom and professional photographer Betsy Wagner-Gregory had all the girls dress up in their varying Elsa looks from the Disney hit “Frozen,” added a little war paint, decked them out with some bada$$ pink softball accouterment, directed them to put on their fiercest looks, and together they created the world’s most adorable and intimidating team photo ever.

The original snap has already been shared thousands of times — and there’s no doubt a bunch of future t-ballers will follow suite! What themes should we expect next?

T-ball has never looked so fierce.